The non-profit Celebrate Shuswap Society was established September 23, 2021 with this purpose: To foster and present live music and other performing arts events in the Shuswap region and develop audience support for culture throughout the community. 


Vanilla Gorillas Blues Band

Feb. 25, 2023

Jon Treichel’s Kamloops based Vanilla Gorillas Blues Band will hit you with big beats and keep you shaking to original and classic blues songs all night long. Bandmates are former Vancouver Soul Survivor vocalist Daveton Jones; guitar wizard Jon Treichel also on vocals; Richard Graham on drums and lead vocals; Kris Ruston on organ and vocals, Graham How on trumpet and Neil Brun on bass guitar. This group of friends has been performing together and apart for many years and they know how to provide serious grooves and lay down some funky blues, switching gears on the fly and keeping the dance floor hopping till the little red rooster crows for morning. In the Vanilla Gorillas no one is a sideman, everyone gets a chance to shine.



February 25th – Dance party with The Vanilla Gorillas Blues Band

March 18th – Dance party with the Funk/Hip-Hop sensation, The New Groovement (see their website to learn more – The New Goovement )

April 29th – Dance party with the Motown Review!



Members get a $5 discount for all shows except the Shuswap North Okanagan Rail Trail fundraisers, have the first opportunity to purchase tickets, have an opportunity to volunteer at events and get free admission and will receive email updates for all events. This is a lifetime membership. Price includes the $2 processing fee.
Patrons are members who also receive recognition on this website for sponsoring the society and helping it succeed. Patrons have access to the balcony seats at Song Sparrow Hall and will be invited to special events.
Price includes the $2 processing fee.


Celebrate Shuswap Society is dedicated to bringing quality, live entertainment to the Shuswap. Initially, the focus will be to present dance parties featuring some of the best bands in the province.
The Society is managed by a volunteer board with nine directors, three who serve for 3 years, three who serve for 2 years and three that serve for 1 year, so that new directors can be added every year.

Society directors  (Back – Rod Schumacher, Patti Thurston, Joanne Vivian and Cole Robillard, Front – Jim Cooperman, Sylvia Lindgren and Kristine Wickner, missing – Kelly Moores and Phaedra Idzan   photo by kathi Cooperman

The current directors for the 2022/23 board are: Kelly Moores, Sylvia Lindgren, Kristin Wickner, Jim Cooperman, Patti Thurston, Joanne Vivian, Rod Shumacher, Phaedra Idzan and Cole Robillard.
To help get the Society up and running, Patrons have donated $100 each to help cover the costs of this website and to cover the costs associated with hosting the first dance party.
Patrons to date include: Society directors Kelly Moores, Sylvia Lindgren, Kristin Wickner, Jim Cooperman, Cole Robillard, Joanne Vivian, Rod Schumacher, plus: Don Cavers, Rhys Waters, Yves and Manon Cusson, Kim and Heather Arnold, Catherine Rankin, Brenda Melnychuk, Mary Claire Lord, Warren Bell (x3), Cindy Derkaz, Lois Higgins, Sandy de Boer, Ruth Brighouse, Lyndon Menard, April Bell, Markus Jaeger, Lori Tolerico, Phil McIntyre-Paul, In The Groove Studio, Joyce Leach, Verna Brown, Diana Walker, Kirsten McDowell, Kari Wilkinson, Ian McTavish, Kevin Flynn, Wende Winn, Ken Nielsen, Debby Nielsen, Carol Kergan, Bernie Weare and John Drew.